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truck chiller units with competitive price Kazakhstan

Model: K-260
Driven Type:Truck engine drive unit
Application: 6-11m³box of truck
Refrigerant :R134a/R404a
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Truck Refrigerator Unit, Box Truck Refrigeration Unit Best

Large cooling capacity, fast cooling speed, competitive price and customized designed to meet all your demands. Our refrigeration units are split truck refrigeration units for long, meddile or short distance transportation , we guarantee the high quality of our truck refrigeration unit, supply 1 year spare parts free change as after sales service to dispel misgivings on the quality.

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Back wall mounted refrigeration units for trucks . Front-mounted refrigeration units for trucks . Integrated electric standby truck refrigeration units . Nose-mounted refrigeration units for trucks Home » News » truck reefer units » truck refrigeration

Direct-Drive Refrigerated Truck | Truck Refrigeration Unit

The V-800 series refrigeration units are the largest vehicle-powered refrigeration systems that King Clima offers today. The units provide unparalleled cooling performance, even up to trucks 24’ in length. Features. Highest cooling capacity on the market; SmartPower electric standby option (230 VAC) Automatic hot gas defrost

VTS Group ventilation systems

VTS Group - we are a manufacturer of technically advanced equipment for the HVAC industry. We use innovative technologies in the areas of design research, production and logistics. We offer highly standardized air conditioning, ventilation and

Truck Refrigeration Unit - Truck Chiller Unit - Kingclima

★ Truck Chiller Unit--- ( freshness: -5℃ to 30℃) There are two kinds of truck chiller units for your KINGCLIMA, Eco-friendly R134a refrigerant, Front-mounting truck refrigeration unit, hot gas defrosting (Auto. /Manual), fast cooling ensure your cargo always be at safety temperature, not be decomposed during transport.

C-300 Chiller Unit for 10-15m³ Trucks| Truck Box Chiller

Description of Kingclima C-300 Small Truck Refrigeration Units. Kingclima C series (chiller) units are specially designed for transporting fresh cargoes, such as fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, beverage, yogurt, chiller eggs, Kingclimaceutical and surgical, which can meet most of marketing demands to transport fresh goods. C-300 small truck refrigeration units can be

Container, Truck/Trailer Refrigeration Solutions | KINGCLIMA

Featuring next-generation technologies, KINGCLIMA Kingclima sets ever-higher standards in refrigerated container, truck and trailer systems while reducing fuel consumption, emissions and sound levels. Transport Refrigeration by Sea. For more than 40 years, KINGCLIMA Kingclima has been the industry leader in marine container refrigeration.

Commercial Truck Refrigeration Unit Manufacturer

As a truck refrigeration unit manufacturer, our line of direct drive van and truck refrigeration systems has been continuously updated and improved to meet the requirements of today’s competitive markets. Designed To Perform and Built To Last, we offer a

food truck refrigeration units, box truck refrigeration

Founded in 2002, Kingclima Industrial Co., LTD. is the leading manufacturer of transport refrigeration unit. Kingclima offers not only high-quality truck refrigeration units and van refrigeration units, but also professional and considerate service. Drivers and cold chain transportation participators from all over the world choose Kingclima's transport refrigeration

Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) | Semi-Truck APU | King Clima

Adding an APU Air Tower to the TriPac ® air conditioning system will result in improved temperature management and increased driver comfort. Since cold air is heavier than warm air, the APU has to work very hard to push the air up above the bunk. The APU Air Tower improves air circulation reducing APU run time by up to 22%.

HP2000 Auxiliary Power Unit | Parks Industries, LLC

The average driver works 260 days per year, idling their truck an average of 10 hours each work day. 2,600 hours of idle time will cost a little over $7,000 per year in fuel alone. This does not take into consideration the wear and tear on the engine components such as the alternator, A/C compressor, water pump, fuel pump, etc.

VTS Group ventilation systems

VTS Group - we are a manufacturer of technically advanced equipment for the HVAC industry. We use innovative technologies in the areas of design research, production and logistics. We offer highly standardized air conditioning, ventilation and

Transport Refrigeration Units for Refrigerated Truck/Van

Dec 30, 2021 · Kingclima is a leading manufacturing enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of high-quality transport refrigeration units and van refrigeration units. C-300T van chiller is one of Kingclima’s top selling units. In January, 2021, there were 10 sets of C-300T well packaged and shipped abroad for local food transportation.

19 Different Types of Trucks - Do You Know Them All?

Chiller Trucks/Reefers. Chiller Trucks/Reefers are Refrigerator trucks that are fitted with cooling equipment to keep food and supplies fresh during transport. Commonly New to transport fruit, meat, and fish, Reefer trucks are cooled with ice or mechanical refrigeration powered with displacement diesel engines.

Auxiliary Power Units for Semi Trucks | Go Kingclima

Go Kingclima manufactures auxiliary power units (APU) for the long haul trucking industry, primarily semi-trucks and custom applications. Go Kingclima’s operate in extreme weather, endure rugged over-the-road conditions, and perform to the highest operating standards of any APU on the market today.

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