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K-ft series refrigeration units used for small movable trailer


Our hot selling products K-ft series refrigeration units used for small movable trailer, its refrigerating capacity from -20℃-0℃.



Our customer Air.P company is a professional distributor of refrigeration units in Australia. This cooling trailer units mainly used for 10feet by 6X6 mobile trailer, our customers can refrigerate or freeze food when holding various parties outdoors or family events. This cooling unit is like a mobile small refrigerator, which can be used in restaurants, hotels, or other mobile places.


This unit is an integrated unit, easy to install, voltage is 110V or 115V, using environmentally friendly R404A or 134A refrigerant, it is the most popular unit we sell in the Australian market. This unit can be used for 8feet, 10feet, and 12feet large trailer boxes. It is small in size, easy to assemble, and can be placed in the kitchen, doorway and other movable places.


Besides this, we also have battery-electric refrigeration units for bigger van, truck refrigeration units, diesel engine units, integrated electric standby units, small movable trailer refrigeration units.


We also produce refrigerated body boxes, and we are also responsible for after-sales and sales of refrigeration unit parts. We have professional technical team support and provide customers with one-stop service.


We are currently recruiting global agents. If you are interested in our products, welcome to be our agents.


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